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Retirement Planning Solutions in Overland Park, KS
Retirement is not a destination, it is a journey

Stop and ask yourself this serious question: “Are you ready for your retirement journey?” Most companies have done away with pensions and it is a scary day when you step into retirement and stop receiving your paycheck. For years Retirement Solutions Group, Inc., a Kansas City based Retirement Planning Company, has been helping people answer the question “How do I turn my retirement account(s) into a predictable income?” You worked hard for your money – we work hard to protect it!

Retirement Solutions Group will help you through every step of your retirement planning – including income planning, wealth accumulation, health care options, Medicare supplements, long-term care insurance, final expense planning, and legacy and estate planning. Correct asset allocation and planning now can make your retirement profitable and secure. To help on this journey Retirement Solutions Group has put together a valuable networked team of professionals. If you have questions or concerns about anything from your investments, real estate, tax planning, wills or even your property and casualty insurance we can put you in touch with the very best!


We specialize in bridging the gap between planning for retirement and actually retiring. To schedule a time to discuss your unique and individual retirement needs, contact us today at or call us at 855-4RSGUSA (477-4872) or 913-685-9422 for your complimentary consultation!

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