Cyber Security

We believe that cybersecurity is important, and recognize that cases of cyberfraud have continued to worsen worldwide. That’s why we take steps to help protect you and your family’s personal information.

Here’s how:

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    Email Hosting & Spam Protection

    RSG employs real-time scanning and filtering of inbound and outbound emails, providing protection from spam, phishing attempts and malicious content. The team also uses an active directory with Multi-Factor Authentication protecting users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks.

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    Managed Security Services

    RSG’s computers employ endpoint protection and are constantly monitored for suspicious activity, providing protection from viruses and malware. RSG’s third-party managed IT firm actively monitors this protection.

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    Network Performance Monitoring

    The network at RSG is constantly monitored for threats and performance, making sure our business is safe and efficient using fully managed firewalls, switches and access points which are monitored 24/7.

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    Endpoint Anti-Virus

    RSG constantly backs up our important data to an offsite to keep it safe from disasters and ransomeware. Backup protection on all servers provides real time backups in case of data loss due to hardware failure or malware attacks. RSG also employs endpoint protection on all desktop/laptop devices.

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    Active Password Management

    At RSG, we utilize industry best-practices in password management, employing complex passwords and multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized agents have access to important data.