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The Wealth Report

The Wealth Report

New Outlook: What to do in a Slow-Growth Economy

The U.S. has enjoyed a good run. A record-setting, long-running bull market. Historically low unemployment. Economic strength and general prosperity. But what happens when growth begins to decline?

The Wealth Report

'Tis The Season for Holiday Spending Tips

Who says you have to wait until Black Friday to start your holiday shopping? One good way to avoid the holiday rush and take advantage of lower prices is to shop and mail early, then sit back and enjoy your newfound free time at the end of November with family and friends. Read on for more holiday season spending tips.

The Wealth Report

How Investor Behavior Influences Portfolio Performance

The concept of efficient markets rests on the belief that investors behave rationally — buying when prices are low and selling when they are high. However, that practice goes against the grain of human behavior. We are not machines; our behavior frequently is based on our emotional reactions. How we respond can vary based on a number of factors, such as market volatility, what’s going on in our personal lives and even the mood we’re in that day...

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