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The Wealth Report: Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance policies fall under two broad categories: term and permanent. With a term policy, you purchase a death benefit amount and determine how long you want to hold the policy; it pays out a death benefit if the owner passes away during the specified term. Permanent life insurance policies, in addition to providing a…

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The Wealth Report: 3 Reasons to Own Life Insurance

Life insurance is like a Swiss army knife — it is remarkably useful, versatile and essential. One of the little-known facts about today’s life insurance policies is that they can offer much more value than simply a death benefit. While securing the financial future for loved ones is the primary goal, life insurance can play…

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How to make your savings last after retirement

Financial instability is the number five biggest worry for Americans, according to a survey, which was only topped by serious health issues. You’ve spent years building up a nest egg; don’t let your funds dry up quickly after you retire! Here are a few ways to help you stay on track and make your savings…

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