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The Wealth Report: Tariffs and Investment Strategy

Overview In an effort to establish a new global trade policy, the Trump Administration announced it would impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum. That dictum was shortly followed up with an additional 25 percent tariff on approximately 1,300 Chinese exports worth about $50 billion annually. Free Trade These…

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Reasons to consider hiring a financial advisor

Navigating financial decisions can be difficult and daunting, which is why many people turn to a financial advisor for guidance. A financial advisor can help with things such as budgeting, planning for retirement, asset protection, savings, investment management, and tax strategy. Many individuals and families debate whether hiring a financial advisor is necessary or worth…

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The Wealth Report: Tax Bill Considerations for Retirement Planning

Overview Widespread tax cuts generally result in a marked decline in government revenues and/or cutbacks in services or other areas. One area Congress considered cutting back was the amount of tax-deferred contributions that workers could make to employer-sponsored retirement plans. One proposal recommended scaling back contributions from the current limit of $18,000 a year to…

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